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If you've never experienced a true "haunting" then you absolutely must go to the Galvez in Galveston. Room 505 is supposed to be the most haunted room at this 5 star hotel. However it was my experience that it wasn't only room 505 that was haunted but the entire 5th floor.

The 5th floor of the Galvez was under construction the night we chose to visit. So all of the doors up and down the hallway were standing wide open, beds were unmade, furniture was moved out of the room, and the only room that we could see was accessible to guest was room 507 (our room right next door to room 505).

The activity started around 10pm and lasted through the night. The most noticable thing that seemed to take place was the slamming of doors. All night long doors would open and slam shut. At first we didn't think much of the phenomena, that was until we noticed upon going out to take some photographs on the 5th floor that we were the only guest on the floor.

So we stood in the hall and waited, looking for any sign that someone was messing with us, slamming doors on purpose, and so forth. We walked down the main hallway away from our room, knowing full well that NO one was in the wing we just left. We checked each room before leaving the "haunted" wing, no one was in any of the rooms, and no one could have hidden and not been discovered. So we left that wing and we waited down the hall, knowing that the only way to get to that wing of the hotel was to walk right past us, down the main hallway. It didn't take too long, we heard a door slam, immediately we all grinned brightly and went to go back down to the "haunted" wing. As we were walking back we heard another door SLAM shut. It was very loud, and it made us all go from a walk, to a dead run to hurry back down the hall to the haunted wing.

Immediately the slamming of the doors stopped once we were back in the haunted hallway. However our investigator Lee, did capture an apparition of the ghost we believe to be responsible for the slamming doors. You can see the picture at the beginning of this post. I think it's important to make it perfectly clear that absolutely no one was standing at the end of this hallway when Lee took this picture. We were the ONLY guest on this floor when all of our pictures were taken!!

Upon further investigation outside of our night at the Galvez, the Haunted Galveston investigation team discovered a few interesting facts. First, it was the unanimous belief of the team that the apparition at the end of this hallway, picture above; was in fact that of a nun. So when our research assistant, Ann; did further investigation on nuns in particular it was discovered that at least 12 nuns died in the storm of 1900. Many of them died while trying to protect the children of St. Marys Orphanage. St. Marys was once located at Sea Wall and 69th, less then a mile away from where the Galvez stands today.


Blogger luckydog said...

I just stayed at the Hotel Galvez last week for the first time. I checked in with my two young children for a long weekend. My sister-in-law also checked in. I wasn't thinking about ghosts and had no prior knowledge about the hauntings. They put me in room 505 and my sister-in-law and 3 young nephews in 507.
And then the fun began!! Honestly, I stayed in that room for 4 nights and never really felt spooked. I never smelled gardenias like they say or felt creepy. I did hear alot of slamming doors and did not think much of it until I read this. However, my sister-in-law had a very strange experience. The first night after she turned the light off to go to sleep, the speaker phone turned on by itself. This happend once again and she called me very afraid. She said a prayer outloud and asked the ghost to stop. She sensed a presence.

Her mirrors
would fog up and her AC switched several times from auto to fan thoughout the course of our stay.

. My AC did this as well. The AC would be cranked down low and the rooms would get very hot in the middle of the night. My sister-in-laws theory is that the ghost could not get my attention so it went to her room. She felt very uncomfortable the entire stay. When she got home she found all of this info about these rooms and the hotel on the internet and we were floored-no pun intended.

I called the hotel and asked them why they would put a young mother and two young children in what some websites call "the evil room." They said 505 is not the actual room that is haunted but that it is the room number they give out to people who inquire about ghosts. Based on our experience room 507 seems to be the room actually haunted. I still can't get over the fact that they put us in those rooms. Thanks Expedia--!!

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Blogger island girl said...

wow cool story what about stewarts massion

9:18 AM  
Blogger ireramon said...

I googled Hotel Galvez and found this link. My family and I stayed at this magnificent hotel about 4 years ago (5th floor) and had some very interesting experiences while we stayed there. I would LOVE to share my story with you.
its very similar to what i read. we experienced a blue laser light on the 5th floor hitting room 505..and then it burst. On that particular door it had a do not disturb sign. Not only that my aunt had bought new makeup that weekend. When we woke up one morning her mascara and eyeliner was broke in half..without it even being opened for the first time!! We also smelled gardenias while strolling down the hall and in the middle of the night the ac did crank down low and we saw that the temp in the room was at 108. WOW.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Captain Kundalini said...

I decided to get away for a week or so during the first week of December of 2005, so I headed down to Galveston. I checked in at my usual hotel, got my laptop set up and then went out to have a bite of dinner. After returning to the hotel, I got all settled in and since darkness had fallen, I decided on a nice, quiet evening in my suite. After some internet surfing and some reading from my new literary aquisition, �Belushi: A Biography�, I felt a bit tired from my drive and decided to go to bed early. Clothes and shoes were doffed, covers were pulled back and my head was on the pillow. After about 30 minutes, I�d finally gotten comfortable. Then, I felt a drop in the air temperature. I smiled and closed my eyes. Then, I heard it! From the opposite side of the room, there came a low moan. My eyes snapped open and I sat bolt upright in my bed! The lights were on in an instant! The air still had a slight chill to it. I got dressed and went down to the Lobby and asked the Lady at the Front Desk if I could move to another room. She asked me if there was anything wrong with the room. I told her. She gave me the most flabbergasted look you ever saw. As I finished telling her of my situation, another young woman came out of the back office and heard the tail end of my story. She asked, "What's the matter?" The Desk Clerk said, 'The Crying Ghost' is in his room." The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up and it was my turn to be flabbergasted. No one had told me that the hotel was haunted. And it isn't just the room I was in, it's the entire 5th Floor.

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Blogger SPURSgirl said...

I stayed at Hotel Galvez this past week. I husband told me the 5th floor was haunted. We were in room 305 so we went to the 5th floor to look around just for fun and to freak our little kids out. Right when we stepped off the elevator the smell of gardenias hit us. It was strong. We walked to room 505 up and down the hall and then back to the elevator. The smell was gone. Smells don't go away that fast on their own. The smell was very strong and then 2 mins later completely gone. Very strange. Also I think one of the rail cars in the railroad museum is haunted. We walked all through the different rail cars but one in particular gave me a horrible feeling. It was just a get out of there right now type energy. I didn't say anything and then my husband walked in and said "I don't like it in here" I don't know if someone died in there are what but not a good feeling.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Dan DiDonato said...

I was sleeping in Room 525 last night (6/9/14) at the Hotel Galvez. I awoke in the early morning, asking myself what time was it, and if I needed to get up for this morning’s meetings. The room was pitch dark except for a slight stream of light coming through the curtains from the morning sun. I saw that it was only 6 AM, so I told myself to go back to sleep for a little bit more time. As I was fading off to sleep I heard several clicks like someone approaching and walking down the left side of the king-sized bed (on the side closest to the city-view window). Along with those clicks, I had the feeling that there was an immense amount of energy in the room – and the presence of someone - or something. My first thought was that it sounded like flip-flops. My arm was stretched-out toward that side of the bed, laying across the row of pillows. I froze! Then, I felt this energy bounce onto the bed crawling toward me, with every depression of the mattress. The pillows gave way to this presence waffling around my arm. All I could think of was to scream - but I couldn’t. Next, my arm started shaking – as f electricity was going through it. The left side of my face felt pressure as if someone was leaning on it. It felt like eternity – but it lasted no more than 5 seconds. Then, it stopped! What the hell was that!!! No one was in the room. I turned on all the lights and TV. Whatever it was – it had left. I found out from the manager later this morning that it was the woman who haunts the fifth floor of the Galvez Hotel.

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Blogger JuJuMommy said...

I was at the Galvez for a wedding last night. A friend of mine said the fifth floor was haunted and we should check it out. I didn't know anything about the History of the hotel. When we got off the elevator we started walking left just to see if we could sense anything and nothing seemed unusual. So we walked to the opposite side, and I stopped at the beginning of the right wing. There was an overwhelming amount of negative energy it was almost suffocating. My intuition told me to leave, but I had never felt anything like that before and I was curious. I continued walking and I started to tear up. When I got close to rooms 500 and 501 I started crying uncontrollably for no reason and I had trouble breathing. My friend then collected me and walked me back to the elevators. Very strange

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