Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stewart Mansion

Great news! The attorney (also known as my husband, John H. Weigel) has been working on getting us permission to investigate Stewart Mansion. He's been in contact with the property owners and thinks he may have it worked out so we can do both a day and night time investigation.

Keep your fingers crossed this has been a property that's been on our hunting list for a very long time!

Here is a little history on the Stewart Mansion property and some pictures below:

The mansion was built in 1926 as a West End retreat for family of George Sealy Jr. Later, Maco Stewart, founder of Stewart Title Co., bought the 8,200-square-foot Spanish Colonial mansion as his resort home. The structure overlooks Lake Como and is in the area where pirate Jean Laffite and his band of pirates had a 3 day long battle with the Karankawa in 1818. This battle is famously remembered as The Battle of Three Trees. It's said that Jean Laffite's men stole and carried away by force the only daughter of the chief of the Karankawa Indians. The chief was so enraged that he sent 300 warriors to seek revenge upon the pirates. For three days a bloody battle ensued between the Karankawa and the Pirates. The Pirates were armed with two cannon and guns while the Karankawa only had bow and arrow. The Karankawa finally were forced to retreat back to the mainland, Laffite's Pirates had managed to kill 30 of the karankawa over the three day battle. Stewarts Manion sits just a short distance from the Lafitte's Grove where a marker erected by the State of Texas in 1936 was placed. The marker reads "Lafitte’s Grove. Fort and settlement established here in 1817 by the freebooter Jean Lafitte. Who maintained headquarters here while preying on shipping in the Gulf of Mexico. The Battle of the Three Trees was fought here between Lafitte’s men and Karankawa Indians, February, 1821. Fort abandoned and burned in 1821 by Lafitte after his departure was ordered by the United States government."

Unlike other paranormal groups we don't trespass to conduct investigations. We believe in respecting property rights of property owners and requesting permission to enter a property for any reason. Remember what state we live in, this is Texas, what would you do if someone walked up on your property and started going through your garage? Even if my garage had a full body apparition I wouldn't be happy with someone trespassing on my property....... so I refuse to trespass on the property of others. Sorry for the lecture.... but property rights should be respected even if the building is vacant.

P.S. We didn't take the pictures above they were taken from our research into the history of the property and we would give credit to the photographer but no one was mentioned.

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Blogger Suspect said...

who owns the property

2:19 PM  
Blogger Marie Lundt said...

So are you able to tour the property?

11:05 AM  
Blogger Ann Weigel said...

The "owner" of the property we were in contact with DOESN'T actually own the property. The real owner is supposedly a man by the name of Todd Edwards and we haven't been in contact with him or tried to contact him as of yet. I'm struggling through a cancer diagnosis and hope to be strong and healthy soon in order to visit this beautiful property WITH PERMISSION and CONSENT of the REAL OWNER. I will offer advice to anyone seeking permission to visit this property. Do not just trust anyone off the street that claims to be the owner. Look up the property records at and make certain you are speaking to the real property owner. I've heard from other ghost hunters, tour organizers, and even a police officer that there is a scammer taking money from people pretending to be the property owner.

2:05 PM  

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